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Office Manager

Charleston, SC 29407

Posted: 05/17/2023 Employment Type: Permanent Job Category: Administrative Job Number: MD736395517

Job Description

Office Manager
Finance Admin:
  • Our customer comes first- ensure that company funds are secure and that transactions are appropriately finalized
  • Audit the book to the perpetual inventory each month- research and report variances between book and perpetual inventory
  • Establish an inventory cycle schedule- verify its accuracy, all inventory categories are counted no less than every 3 months, research and reconcile inventory discrepancies
  • Maintain accounting records
  • Prepare for audits
  • Process sales tax, payroll taxes and all government filings appropriately
  • Oversee the timeliness and accuracy of bank deposits
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Handle credit card charge backs- determine whether there is a service problem, resubmit the charge after resolution
  • Approve professional services invoices
  • Manage accounts payables- ensure invoices are paid to obtain best terms possible.
  • Coach the back office administrative team- conduct quarterly private sessions (or more often as needed), observe performance, and provide training as needed
  • Recruit, interview, hire, discipline and if appropriate terminate back office administrative employees
  • Oversee the back office administrative team- create and monitor schedules, ensure that performance is timely, the quality and quantity of work exceeds standard, and priorities are understood
  • Produce the required financial reports including the P&L statement, the balance sheet, and cash flow analysis
  • Develop, control and maintain a list of forms and supplies
  • Review outstanding purchase orders for excessive delays, backorders and not shipped  items, resolve items over 30 days
  • Outgoing mail is taken out first thing in the morning 
  • Check the mail everyday before doing the deposit
  • Within one week of date of hire, send the state new employee's w-4 form onto  which you have written company name, company address, company phone #, company's fed. Id number, employee's birth date and date of hire. Copy w-4 and g-4 onto one sheet for cpa, indicating whether employee is sales, technician, delivery, or clerical.  Procedure is followed with all new employees.
  • Sales tax updates are to be copied each month and put in the system
  • Maintain a packet for approved vendor list to consist of current w-9, proof of liability insurance and proof of workman's compensation, as well as a blank credit application.    
  • If cash drawer drops below $200.00 cash receipts are to be categorized and tallied and deducted from that days deposit to bring drawer up to $200.00
  • Batch invoices, purchase orders, receiving documents and packing lists
  • Pay invoices as scheduled and approved
  • Accurately process receiving documents. Inform operations of newly filled sales orders that are ready for delivery scheduling
  • Review non-merchandise invoices to verify that billings are appropriate
  • Post mail-in payments
  • Age customer returned checks through the system.  Follow through with necessary actions to collect on checks
  • File all invoices, completed purchase orders, receiving documents, correspondence, etc.    
  • Detailed administrative tasks are performed above standard, all work is organized, and the company is protected
  • Audit receiving and transfer documentation
  • Maintain appropriate supplies of ups, fedex and postal supplies as needed
  • Order office supplies and maintain the designated inventory
  • Develop and maintain a checklist of forms, supplies, and light bulbs
  • Handle personal business and phone messages as requested by management
  • Order uniform shirts
  • Input of invoices and payment of bills, includes but is not limited too the following accounts- carvindaw, main checking, secondary account “first citizens”, boa credit cards, lowes credit card, all vendor invoices
  • Reconciliation of the following: cash in drawer = “daily”, bank of america, lowes card, petty cash, secondary account “first citizens”
  • Month end inventory reconciliation
  • Payment and input of sales tax for all areas caf operates within
  • Transference of all order confirmations to the individual furniture specialists for filing    
  • All office filing as needed
  • In absense of gm assist in maintaining internet and computers
  • Perform occasional additional tasks i.e. sending bank statements to new cpa’s, assisting in retrieving data information, updating a client when someone else is not available, be willing to pick up items for food events or for the store as requeste    
  • Maintaining 401k system, filing, and set-up
  • Maintain and pay all owners expensed accounts that are run through caf. I.e. vehicles, and other personal property
  • Be available for bi-weekly update meetings
  • Schedule appointments, book events, purchase tickets as requested
  • Answer and direct phone call
  • Organize and schedule appointments
  • Write and distribute email, correspondence memos, letters, faxes, and forms
  • Assist in the preparation of regularly scheduled reports
  • Book travel arrangements
  • Submit and reconcile expense reports
Customer Management
  • Handle cash, credit cards and check transactions
  • Post payments on-account from walk-in customers.  Answer any questions concerning their account. 
  • Assist sales associates as required
  • Enter (or write up) customer service requests- customers calling the store or coming into the store, where appropriate, put them in immediate contact with customer service
  • Handling incoming phone calls
  • Work with customers to remain current or to get current with their payments
  • Respond to customer inquires concerning balances, problems with account or cash on delivery
  • Respond to inquiries made regarding customer payment history as authorized in writing by the customer.    
  • Produce reports monthly reporting on receivables
  • Participate as needed to resolve customer service issues causing customers to withhold payments on account- follow-through on customer service issues is appropriate.
  • Accept calls from drivers from customers homes confirming successful delivery- contact customer service when appropriate to resolve problems, note on manifest customer's comments and time stamp delivery.  
  • Working in tandem with gm to layout truck arrival schedules 
  • Receiving items into system on truck days ocassionaly adding or adjusting an item if needed    
  • Be responsible for opening and closing the store
  • Update and maintain company policies (policy manual) by adding or correcting to correspond with current needs and offered benefits
  • Obtain and ensure continuation of occupational licenses, sales tax numbers, etc. 
Human Resources
  • Manage human resources administration to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and fully understand their job responsibilities and benefits. Ensure that hiring practices are appropriate and legal.
  • Handle all first reports of injury for both customers and employees alike- the company's liability is limited, reports are collected immediately and the insurance company is notified within 24 hours
  • Maintain employee personnel files meeting all legal and company requirements
  • Oversee the benefits program for employees.  Obtain the greatest value possible in health insurance. Monitor 401k, profit sharing, stock options, employee discounts, etc.  
  • Collect and process time cards
  • Handle the new employee orientation process.  Including explaining policies, insuring that all required forms are signed, and arranging for benefits.  All required paperwork is created and filed for new employees.
  • Maintain job descriptions.  Build job descriptions as new employees are hired or responsibilities change.
  • Maintain a job evaluation schedule.  Send two copies of the job description to the appropriate manager, 1 week prior to evaluation.  Report failure to comply with evaluation schedule to the appropriate manager.  
  • Study closely all personnel evaluations. Tickler-file any improvement agreements to ensure compliance.  Report problems to immediate supervisor.  
  • Ensure discipline efforts and terminations are within company guidelines.  Verify proper documentation. 
  • Oversee our drug free workplace program. All drug related procedures are followed throughout the company and there is strong evidence that the company meets its drug free criteria.
  • Ensure compliance with all sexual harassment related policies and procedures.  Ensure proper facilitation of complaints. All company employees comply with sexual harassment policies and complaints are handled appropriately as directed by company and legal guidelines.
Information Technology
  • Plan for, install, test and roll out system upgrades.  Supplying training and instructional materials to managers and individuals.
  • Develop information system security.  By implementing a system of passwords, protection software, and backups.
  • Ensure that printers have an adequate supply of cartridges, paper and other needed supplies
General Office
  • Receive packages from the us mail, ups, fedex, etc.  Deliver to appropriate employee. 
  • Empty trash cans
  • Order coffee supplies as needed
  • Report problems on the floor that require special attention
  • Clean up spills or accidents during the day- emergency clean up is performed as needed
  • Clean appliance cook tops and glass shelves as required
  • Perform other tasks as requested by management- you understand that there is no such thing as "it's not my job", and you participate in a total team effort
  • Ensure that not too many other tasks are migrating into your job description- inform management of your inability to successfully complete your own job description tasks, due to too many "special" projects. 
  • Participate in evaluations as required- work as a team with management to develop your own performance.  
  • Develop professional working relationships with all company employees and all teams.  Conflicts get resolved quickly, permanently and with management's assistance as needed.  
  • Assist in the training of other employees.    
  • Participate in the taking of physical inventories
  • Report any and all injuries incurred during the day to the warehouse/delivery manager as soon as possible, but before leaving for the day unless there are extenuating circumstances.  
  • See something say something- If you see suspecious behavior of any kind, from possible drug use, to theft, harrassment, etc., tell the owner or general manager immeidately.
  • Acquire necessary education. Attend training sessions, etc., for new products or to improve abilities, as required.

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Madison Day

Madison has experience in many sectors of the apparel industry. From retail to production she has seen it all and is well versed in the luxury market. Always ready for a new task, she is driven, focused and hard-working.

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